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Monthly Archives: July 2017

     The DREAM Program is my own take at how anyone could acquire optimal health whether for Preventive (does NOT want to get sick), Therapeutic (already sick and seeking healing) or Rahebilitative (wants to keep regained health) pursuits.      It comprises several “steps in sequence”, strategically and clinically determined to […]
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     February 17, 2017 marked my 20th year as a medical doctor. Two decades of a long and winding journey in clinical practice. Started out as a company physician to several manufacturing companies whose plants are located in the place where I reside, to becoming a Medical Officer in Public Health […]
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         50-year old mother of three, Mrs. Rosalie Azana, came in soon after undergoing surgery of a right breast mass (Modified Radical Mastectomy) in August 2015. Her case was Adenocarcinoma of the right breast. Surgical staging showed Stage 3. She was strongly suggested to have adjuvant (supportive) chemotherapy by […]
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       Mr. Richard Gonzales, 43 years old, male came in  February 2016 with a lump the size of a golf ball at the Right submandibular area (jaw line). He works as a jeepney driver, non-smoker, with insignificant personal medical history. Right away, I counselled him to undergo biopsy of the […]
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