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       Mr. Richard Gonzales, 43 years old, male came in  February 2016 with a lump the size of a golf ball at the Right submandibular area (jaw line). He works as a jeepney driver, non-smoker, with insignificant personal medical history.


Right away, I counselled him to undergo biopsy of the mass for us to appreciate what are we up to. True enough, it turned out as Adenocarcinomatous. Staging CT was requested prior to personalized treatment program. It was Stage IIB cancer of the submandibular gland.
He feared surgery but I strongly recommended such for I know that his case is 95% curable, provided he receives the right treatments in sequence. He obliged. Upon follow up, he told me his surgeon wanted him to undergo chemotherapy. I disagreed at this point, I offered him the DREAM Program.
To make the long story short, he consented to be under my full care. He went through an individualized DREAM Program, where radiation therapy (Western Medicine cancer treatment modality) was undergone together with the full range of Eastern Medicine-based treatments that made everything truly holistic.


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He went for the DREAM for exactly 8 weeks. Afterwhich, he was closely monitored every 2 months with laboratory tests and CT scanning, until a year after, with continuous normal tests findings, he was declared “cured” of cancer. He is now happily moving on with his new lifestyle (holistic) in the company of his amiable wife and children.


If you have someone dear to you who’s afflicted with cancer whom you wish to get treated Holistically, kindly have them see me at my Clinics: CLINICA MANILA, SM Megamall on Tuesdays and Fridays only, morning clinics, or at the CITYMEDIC Clinic in Sta.Rosa City Laguna on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9AM to 12NN. You may call or SMS me at 09194610083.


Note: This patient has given his full consent for me to share his story on this website.

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