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       50-year old mother of three, Mrs. Rosalie Azana, came in soon after undergoing surgery of a right breast mass (Modified Radical Mastectomy) in August 2015. Her case was Adenocarcinoma of the right breast.
Surgical staging showed Stage 3. She was strongly suggested to have adjuvant (supportive) chemotherapy by her surgeon. Fearing the fact that chemotherapy NOT only kills cancer cells but also kills normal cells, she refused to have chemotherapy.


Her child’s friend’s mother was a former patient of mine in 2013 whom I was able to help survive her cancer as well, referred them to me. Once again, staying true to the principles and practice of Integrative Medicine, and after a thorough review of her records, with laboratory tests and all, she consented to undergo my DREAM protocol.
She went the whole 9 yards, as they say, underwent radiation therapy of the surgical site, concurrently with Eastern Medicine modalities for two full months. She was monitored every 2 months for a full year on November 2016, I pronounced her “cured” of cancer.

Note: This patient has given her full consent for me to share her story on this website.

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