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     February 17, 2017 marked my 20th year as a medical doctor. Two decades of a long and winding journey in clinical practice. Started out as a company physician to several manufacturing companies whose plants are located in the place where I reside, to becoming a Medical Officer in Public Health at the Manila Health Department for 2 years, before going into Residency Training in Radiation Oncology in 1999-2002 at the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, to Medical Officership in Oncology at the  Johns Hopkins International Medical Center in Singapore in 2005, then coming back home to start my own Integrative Medicine-based practice in Oncology in 2006 to present. In all these wonderful years of continuous medical education, I saw the need to disseminate the information to Filipinos about a system of healing that doesn’t miss anything and most importantly, won’t ever harm them at all. This system is Integrative Medicine.

Put simply, Integrative Medicine is the combining of Western Medicine science with the age-old wisdom of Eastern Medicine to arrive at truly “holistic” way of promoting, regaining and keeping one’s healing of body, mind and spirit.

This website is NOT an Alternative Medicine forum. Without any intention to throw anyone under the bus as they say, in my years of clinical practice, I have observed that Filipino practitioners of Alternative Medicine tend to “bad-mouth” licensed physicians practicing the Western Medicine art, especially in the field of Oncology (cancer medicine) and Cardiology (cardiovascular diseases). This should NOT be so. I heartily advise you to be wary of such practinioners, for most of the time, they would stop you from seeing your attending physicians, (sell to you very expensive stuff whose safety and efficacy most of the time have never been tested prior to use) only to refer you back to them once the going gets tough with your clinical condition. Why?  Because they simply do NOT have the necessary competent experience to handle “emergency” situations (when your life is on the line as they say). Now that’s unfair.

This website was put up to introduce the concept of Integrative Medicine in the Filipino psyche. This is my humble contribution to its cause, for after 20 years in practice, I must say, for a doctor to be truly a “healer”, he or she must treat his/her patients “holistically”, “whole person approach”, there can be NO other way around this. As an Oncologist, I have been adopting this system of medicine for 10 years now, and I must say, it truly made my practice deeply meaningful and beneficient, not just for the patient, but to me as well.

I wish Filipinos would take time to view my website for in here I would be sharing with them a wealth of medical information that stems from the past (history), to what is current (present), and what is in the pipeline (future) with regards promoting Preventive Medicine, treating those who are already sick (therapeutic), and keeping the gains (healing/cure) always within the context of the principles of Integrative Medicine.

Now as an Oncologist (cancer specialist) who has been treating cancer patients since 1999, let me give it to you straight: CANCER IS CURABLE WITH INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE! Period. This simply means, that to beat cancer, regardless of stage, you have to be treated “holistically” (mind, body and spirit). Anything otherwise just won’t cut it for you. I will be showing you actual cases of mine, patients whom I have helped help themselves beat their cancer and are now enjoying their new lease on life, to prove this assertion. I have endeavored to ask their permission for me to share their experience in the website, and to my surprise, they all agreed whole-heartedly, so they’d be able to share with you their journey with the hope that you be inspired to take the same journey they did with me.


In this website, you will be introduced to the power of Nutritional and Nutraceutical Therapies in beating Chronic Lifestyle Diseases/Degenerative Diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and cancer). You will learn that in this day and age, herbal medicine, which used to be just “folklorist medicine” is now being heavily worked up in the laboratories around the world, and that their “healing powers” fully enhanced through BIOTECHNOLOGY. This development is truly the “marriage of west and east”. Thus, the natural products that I post here are all scientifically validated, through actual human trials and applications and were proven effective (as to purpose/use) and safe for clinical use.

Patients need NOT die without being given the chance to beat their potentially fatal illnesses. Western Medicine goes well hand in hand with Eastern Medicine tenets, if used in the context of holism. Let this website be an “idea”, a “concept” that works, a “method/system” whereby cancer patients, as well as those afflicted with diabetes, heart ailments and arthritis will be helped in helping themselves get cured meaningfully. Let me help you help yourselves from here on.


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