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If you’re diagnosed with Cancer, Calm down, brace up and see me . .DR. LUNAS at the Clinica Manila, SM Megamall on Tuesdays and Fridays Morning Clinic (8-12nn) and receive the GREEN ONCOLOGY PROTOCOL (GOP).


       A comprehensive Multi-disciplinary, Integrative, Holistic and Natural Cancer Medicine therapeutics program that provides the maximum probability of cure and recovery, regardless of stage.

       It takes advantage of the science of the West (Western-Conventional Medicine) with the wisdom of the East (Eastern Medicine) in providing a truly holistic way of treating and curing cancer.


       It offers among others a nutri-ortho-molecular approach that uses superfoods and micronutrients that exert their action on specific cellular targets, making them produce the necessary molecules (enzymes, proteins and the like) that drive cancer cells into APOPTOSIS (programmed cell death). This specific cellular function is what is lost in cancer cells. Thus, putting them back in the system would kill all aberrant cancer cells, but not the normal cells.

       What’s best is these molecules and micronutrients are fully natural, organic, and unlike most substances claimed to have the same therapeutic effect (a.k.a supplements), they are thoroughly studied in the laboratories, using ISO-certified procedures and all came out classified as NUTRACEUTICALS; nutrients that are so potent they are acting as if they are pharmaceuticals (drugs) already.

       What is good with these nutraceuticals is their maximum effectiveness minus potential harmful side effects, for they are NOT synthetic. All are fully ORGANIC. However, they have to be utilized in the context of (inside or within) a holistic, integrative, and natural program, such as THE GREEN ONCOLOGY PROGRAM. Allow me to offer you this form of Cancer Care Program. It might spell the difference between surviving your cancer or losing the battle all along. I have the “results” to show where I am speaking of.

See you at my clinics!



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