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CASE 005: Breast Cancer — Her Amazing Story Will Inspire You

         Ma’am Flordeliza’s AMAZING GRACE.

         She came to me one fine day in January 2017, exasperated over her experience of receiving shabby treatment for her cancer from a premiere government hospital in Manila. In her husbands’s own words, di mabubuhay si Flor dun doc, pahina sya ng pahina.” (she won’t survive there doc, she’s getting weaker). I reviewed her records and designed an Integrative Medicine-based cancer program for her specific condition (Green Oncology Program-GOP). She humbly and faithfully obliged and completed the program in 2 months, after which, she was checked-up  every 60 days for the duration of 12 months, as part of standard monitoring post GOP(Green Oncology Protocol).


But as if having cancer is not enough, 7 months into our post-GOP monitoring period, her beloved husband, her shield and comforter met an unexpected death from a yet to be determined cause. That definitely dealt a big blow into her wellbeing and could have easily compromised her progress post-GOP, but she’s no ordinary human, with no ordinary faith.


In March 5, 2018, with consistent normal clinical findings for a full year (laboratory tests plus physical exams) despite her harrowing experiences, I declared her CURED of cancer. God is good. God is faithful. An amazing grace is extended to an amazing human being.



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