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Case 010: a very FATAL CANCER — defeated (with GREEN ONCOLOGY Protocol)!

In the summer of 2015, I was consulted on a case of a then 17-year old young boy suffering from what was obviously a 4 cm. solitary tumor right around the pituitary area of the brain.


It was ASTROCYTOMA, one of the most fatal and agressive types of brain cancer known to man.
And so as expected, his dear mother was very emotional about it. His son’s life is on the line.
His mother was in a dilemma of whether she would have her boy undergo surgery, which was described to her as a bit worrisome by their surgeon, or look for alternative treatments.
When I saw them I knew right away that Robert woyld be better off having radiotherapy instead. Why? I am not saying having the surgery is wrong(for it is not), but I guess my instincts kicked in as a father, for Robert was then just about the same age as my youngest son.

The decision was simply based: if he was my son, he won’t have the surgery. After some days of discernment, luckily, his mom opted for Radiation Therapy and The GREEN ONCOLOGY Protocol. And the rest is history as they say.
Now Robert is living life at its fullest, vibrant and strong, with not a trace of the disease that once threatened his life. Wise judgement call? Maybe.
But for was divinely-guided. All is well.



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