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Case 012: Liver Cancer’s Miraculous Healing..

A very amiable lady of great repute came to see me in June of 2018. She is diagnosed as a case of LIVER CANCER(hepatocelluler carcinoma). She was scheduled at a Military Hospital in Manila for surgery, but her son(a high-ranking military officer)and her other children refused..for fear of possible fatal consequences.

I immediately placed her on the GREEN ONCOLOGY PROTOCOL, of which she gamely obliged with. You would notice from her pre-treatment CT scans and Ultrasound studies that she’s having Right and Left liver lobe tumors. And so we proceeded. Halfway through the IMMUNOtherapy, monitoring ultrasound showed “disappearance” of the Left lobe mass, with the Right lobe mass being stable. She completed the entire immunotherapy protocol.

3 months after said treatment, she underwent monitoring CT scan to ascertain response to therapy. Both Right and Left liver masses were visible, otherwise, the study was stable. She also was clinically ok. After another 3 months, a whole abdomen monitoring study was again done. And it revealed Right liver lobe mass that is “continuously decreasing in size” and a non-visible( DISAPPERED) Left lobe mass. The rest if the scan is normal.

Her case is a testament to the power of HEALING FORCE WITHIN HER that is only tapped by her fervent faith on It. Nothing else can explain why an OCTAGENARIAN would perform this well. A MIRACLE IN THE MAKING?

Who knows what..but I am leaning on that side. I’ve seen many of such in 20 years of clinical oncology practice I am not about to doubt it. Mommy Marciana is A WALKING MIRACLE.

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