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Case 013: Crippled by Myeloma.. walks again!

54-year old fine lady dentist came to me for consult, bearing her intense desire to NOT HAVE chemotherapy for her condition.


She was then already unambulatory(not walking) for her disease (MULTIPLE MYELOMA) has ravaged her lumbar spine. Upon thorough investigation of her tests, I strongly advised her TO HAVE CHEMOTHERAPY, for it is what’s needed for cases such as her’s.

It is a fact that there are 8 cancers that definitely benefits/responds to chemotherapy, and it happened that her case is one of them. She refused to have it still. And so I am compelled to try GOP(Green Oncology Protocol) on her.



After 20 sessions of intravenous immunotherapy, she miraculously WALKED AGAIN! Green Oncology Protocol(GOP) indeed performed way beyond expectation. Series of tests confirmed this.

To date, Mrs. Palabasan is A WALKING MIRACLE and PROOF that the power of one’s faith in the Almigthy is the ULTIMATE HEALER.

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