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Case 014: (+3)Her-2-neu overexpressing breast Cancer: DURABLE CURE!

Adelina Sumagpang, 71 yrs old, Breast Cancer, Left s/p MRM November 2015.
In February of 2016…I met the then 67-year old fine lady from Batangas City who was diagnosed with Left BREAST CANCER which was surgically treated(MRM) in November of the previous year(2015). She was due then for CHEMOtherapy as suggested by her surgeon but she refused. After seeing me, I was very much conscious of the fact of her IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY result post surgery, for it says that she has strong overexpression of HER-2-neu, which is a very significant PROGNOSTIC(predictive)factor in breast neoplasm, together with a Histopathology report of LYMPHOVASCULAR INVASION. Other staging test came out negative though. She was Stage 2. With her full consent, she underwent GOP(Green Oncology Protocol). She completed the program in April 2016.



Over the last 3 years..she was followed up closely, and here are the monitoring tests results:

This Saturday..she followed up..again with monitoring tests results which came out as:


Why is this story significant? It’s because of the dreaded PROGNOSTIC factor of a STRONGLY POSITIVE Her-2-neu and (+)Lymphovascular Invasion which are ominous predictors of treatment failure. But as u can see, she continues to survive and thrive despite such factors stacked against her, proving that a not so encouraging Histochemistry findings is NO DEATH SENTENCE for breast cancer patients. Nanay Angelina’s case truly is a testament to GOP’s ability to produce a DURABLE CURE for even thr negatively-prognosticated breast cancer cases.


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