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case 015: Lung Cancer Patient Cured for 3 years and counting..

Lung cancer as it is, is prognostically not so promising.
Stage 3 carries a 5-year Survival Rate of 13-36% with Western(conventional)Medicine treatments. Tatay Remegio Tarin, now 65, but was just 62 when I met him in March of 2016 was a then diagnosed case of NSCLCA(Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer) Stage 3.


He underwent the GOP(Green Oncology Program). He complied with the program, and was monitored regularly in the last 3 years. Most recently, last March 2019…3 years after GOP, his cancer is seen as CONTINUOUSLY REGRESSING in size, a not so common development in cases such as his. Truly, it is a testament to the DURABLE CURE GOP provides to compliant patients like tatay Remigio.
I have posted the tests he had through the last 3 years “in series” so you can check the veracity of his incredible story.

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