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Then only 41 years old lad from the barrios of Sta. Rosa City came to see me in mid-July of the year 2017 as an already diagnosed case of NPCA(nasopharyngeal carcinoma) Stage 2. He is a fish vendor by occupation. Apparently, he worked several odd jobs in the past, one of which involved paints. He had nose bleeding in March 2017 which became bothersome. Upon consult with an ENT Specialist, a CT scan was requested which revealed a nasopharyngeal area mass with neck masses(lymph nodes).



A biopsy revealed UNDIFFERENTIATED CARCINOMA..stage 2. He was advised CHEMOtherapy with RADIOtherapy. He doesn’t want chemotherapy and found me. I started him at once with GOP(Green Oncology Program). With it, combined Western and Eastern Medicine protocol. He completed the GOP on November 2017, and with a regular monitoring (every 60 days) in a year, his response to GOP is assessed.
ÇT done in June of 2018 revealed a completely ERADICATED TUMOR in the nasopharyngeal area, attesting to a “cure in the making” in progress. A year after GO, he followed up to me and he continues to enjoy good health. I requested for a final CT study..but he still is raising the fund for it.

The most important thing is, upon regular follow-up check ups with me for more than a year now after GOP, he is in perfect health..attesting to the healing ability of the GOP.

Holistic Medicine, which is the “guiding principle” of the GOP really works!

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