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Case 017: A mother who badly wants to live for her daughter survived Cancer through Green Oncology Protocol

Patient: AMBAY, Eda

Case: Breast CA Stage 2B s/p GOP(Green Oncology Program)

It pains me everytime I see a young mother get afflicted with the most prevalent cancer in the Philippines, more so when she comes to clinic dotting a daughter who’s just starting with schooling.

I can’t help but be reminded of the “genetic factor” her case is casting over her child. And so when this young mother consulted me in the opening days of the year 2018, I immediately had her undergo SURGERY to help maximize her chances of beating her cancer..if only to increase the odds of not allowing her daughter to be orphaned.

Indeed, post-surgery Histopathology report confirmed her cancer. Soon after, I started her on a Holistic Medicine-based protocol, which she judisciously complied with. Once every 45 days of monitoring folowed for an entire year..and finally, on May 2019 I declared her “cured” and “cancer free”.

Cases such as this bring meaning to an Oncologist’s journey..for with these cases, we get to hit 2 birds with 1 stone. We helped the mother survive, we prevent a child to lose her mom! What else can be more meaningful?

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