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case 18: a 78-year-old woman, cured of NASOPHARYNGEAL CANCER for 6 years and counting..

Of the thousands of cancer cases I’ve seen and handled in the last 20 years of practice, this one stands out. It does not just for its ultimately successful outcome, but more so for the “bond” that developed THROUGH THE YEARS with with nanay Rosalinda. Then already in her advanced age of 72 in the last quarter of 2013, she developed an agressive tumor in the nasal cavity which extended to the ethmoid down and base of the skull up. Her nasal tumor then was seen already protruding from the nose.



She was in pain and terribly disturbed by compromised breathing due to congestion in the nasal cavity. Biopsy revealed NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA vs Carcinoma. She was immediately referred to me by her amiable attending physician, a good friend of mine, DR. FERDIE SOLEDAD. Upon review of her case, I learned that she is also being seen by a LASER THERAPY soecialist from Makati (who later became a friend). I immediately started her on GREEN ONCOLOGY PROTOCOL, of which, RADIOTHERAPY is included. She completed the 6-week RT combined with LASER THERAPY.


2 months after, monitoring CT revealed a “completely eradicated tumor” in the whole of the nasal cavity, including nearby sites of tumor extension, to the delight of nanay Rosa and her entire family. What followed next were series of monitoring CT studies done on a yearly basis, which showed DURABLE CURE. Very recently this year; in .May, she followed up with a most recent CT scanning of the nasal cavity, and voila! Still, she is cancer-free! Cases such as this, with an elderly patient who tirelessly pursues her cure and accomplishes it, is what makes the practice truly meaningful, not to mention inspiring. Seldom do we see such complete positive response especially if it’s that “advanced” and the patient is an elderly. But as is written in Mark 10:27, truly, “with men it is impossible, but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

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