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Case 017: Stage 3 breast cancer, cured!

Patient’s Name: RUBY SUPILANA Age/Sex: 52/Female Profession: Dentist Diagnosis: BREAST CANCER, Right

No one forgets Highschool. The years, the fun, heartaches and what have you..especially if, somehow, you see yourself as “an outsider trying to fit in”. Such was how HS felt to me. Why? Because Mapua then, a PRE-ENGINEERING HS, was not the place for a “doctor wanna be”. Thus, literally, I am a square peg in a round hole. Fast forward some 35 years later…I met my HS schoolmate again, this time, I am exactly where I am supposed to be already, and ready to help him with his predicament.

Ruby, my schoolmate’s wife is afflicted with BREAST CANCER Stage 3. Dr. Supilana(my schoolmate who’s now a Dentist) sought my help and we tackled the task in front of us wholeheartedly. Ruby underwent the GREEN ONCOLOGY PROGRAM (Holistic-Integrative Medicine-based protocol) immediately. She completed it. She was a very good patient, very compliant. She was monitored for 12 months with tests to ascertain response to therapies. And now, she is pronounced CURED of cancer(July 2019).

taken during one of her treatment days..

Ruby did very well. My schoolmate Dr. Ipe(the Dentist husband) and their supportive children were the keys to her full recovery and healing. I saw the in them the greatest healer of cancer, and Ruby was blessed to have it between them: LOVE.

After the results.. she got cured and beat the BIG C!

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