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Case 20: a mother’s journey towards getting cured of Breast Cancer.

In the summer of May 2018..then 43 year old mother from Sto. Tomas Batangas came to me as a diagnosed case of Right Breast-INVASIVE DUCTAL CARCINOMA(cancer) s/p Partial Mastectomy with Axillary Lymphnode dissection.

She expressed her reservation against having chemotherapy for what she sees as its fearsome side effects. I reviewed her laboratory tests results, which all revealed a Stage 2 cancer. However, her Immunohistochemistry report gave a “strongly positive” Her-2-neu status. This foretells aggressiveness and likelihood of future recurrences. Because of all these, I offered her the GOP(Green Oncology Protocol), which she gamely accepted. She went through the program for 90 days.

A big part of this program is the MIND-BODY Therapy..where she was taught how to harness the power of her mind in causing healing to her body through daily MEDITATION. She persevered all through out. After which, she was monitored for case progress every 60-90 days for 12 straight months. Consistently..her findings on monitoring revealed “holistic healing.” Last July 2019, exactly a year after completion of GOP..with “normal” laboratory results, she is pronounced CURED, as I have projected to her the day we started her on GOP. This fine young mother of 2 is a shining example of what and how the power of the mind can do to make all science-based therapies effective.

She tapped into the “power within” her religiously to take care of her healing, and It did as expected and as always if tapped into correctly. This case, as is on all other cases of mine, is demonstrative of the Power of Inner Workscof the Mind in beating cancer. Truly worth trying and experiencing. Now mommy Eloisa can move on with her life, free of fear from any and all recurrences in the future, for she indeed has the “power within” taking great care of her.

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