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Case 19: A stage 3 breast cancer survivor who wants to inspire other people with her story of beating the big C!

She is endearing as endearing can get..and on any given day, I get lucky and meet a patient from the most endearing province in the Philippines..ILOILO.

A then 53-year old Ilongga walked into my clinic in the summer of 2018, suffering from what could have been a recurrent case of Left Breast Cancer, after having received 2 of the 4 therapeutic modalities of Western Medicine for cancer(Surgery-MRM on Feb 2017 and Chemotherapy 6 cycles March to May 2017).

Just merely 7 months after these therapies, excision biopsy of a chest wall mass revealed metastatic cancer. She came in very fearful of what might be for her given this developments. She expressed her reservations against having chemotherapy again. R

ight there I started her on GOP(Green Oncology Program), an Integrative Medicine-based, holistic approach in treating cancer. She finished her GOP on July 2018. She was monitored every 60 days for 12 months. Exactly a year after GOP, she is cancer-free. Endearing patients like her, who despite what she’s going through, still wishes what’s best for an aged mom, always NOT wanting to stress out her mom about her case, is compelling enough for an Oncologist to really be of service to her wishes.

She proved worthy of all my efforts to really help her help herself.

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