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Case 22: Ovarian Cancer (recurrence); A Miracle in the Making..

“Standard of care” as defined by an authoritative body/ school of thought/ line of discipline is hardly ever breeched deliberately, all in the name of Science.

Question is “whose standard?” And if one decides to deviate from it, would that be an “absolute” mistake?

Herewith is a case that demonstrate the power of choice, born out of clarity of the mind.

53-year old housewife from Silang Cavite started to experience a gradual enlarging of her abdomen 3 years prior to consulting your’s truly. 8 months prior to seeing me, she experienced frequent bouts of abdominal pain with vaginal bleeding. This prompted consult to an Gynecologist who requested immediate Ultrasound which revealed a Right ovarian mass. She went to PGH(Philippine General Hospital) for second opinion where she was scheduled right away for surgery. TAHBSO was done on June 2019. Histopathology report revealed Ovario-Endometrial Adenocarcinoma(cancer)

She was scheduled for post-operative chemotherapy but she behemently refused.

3 months after surgery, a monitoring pelvic ultrasound requested revealed a “recurrent mass” in the right pelvic area. This prompted her to see me for opinion. Upon full evaluation, I designed her a GOP-based treatment program. She went through the entire process for 10 weeks and tolerated the therapies. She had her Radiotherapy at the Perpetual Help Medical Center-Binan City.

6 weeks after completion of her GOP treatments, CT scanning of the entire abdomino-pelvic area revealed NO TRACE of any disease! Now this is uncommon in purely “western medicine-treated” cases, so called “standard of care”. The immediacy of good response to GOP is proof that “standard of care”, more frequently known as “conventional treatments” is NOT AN ABSOLUTE treatment approach to cancer.

Taking the road less travelled is an option. It is NOT gambling with the lives of our patients. No. Definitely not. It is being “open” to other equally sound approaches that produces the “desired result” MINUS HARMFUL COMPLICATIONS of therapies. GOP time and again, with the indispensable help of the Almighty delivered the intended objective: HOLISTIC HEALING. Miracle of holistic healing in the making.

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