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Case 23: Stage 2 Colon Cancer–Cured!

“Still waters run deep” as espoused in the 90s movie ALMOST FAMOUS. Metaphorically, this is how I am describing this gentleman who walked into my clinic 1 fine day in January of 2019.

It’s not that he was the first of the “quiet types” that I’ve encountered. It’s just that this trait of him was all the more exposed by the opposite gregariousness of his wife in telling the tale of his story. I wouldn’t spill everything out here, but suffice it to say, that through the entirety of our treatment program(GREEN ONCOLOGY PROGRAM) which lasted for 3 months, tatay remained as he has always been: quite and reserved. Was that something that helped him?

I’d like to believe so, after all, you gotta remove all forms of stress when under treatments, if you are to beat cancer. And beat it he did, when after a year of continuous monitoring post GOP, his CT studies and blood tests revealed a cancer that is defeated. Tatay knew it best.

He never veered away from his personality, when he could have, if only out of panic. But all throughout, he was a pillar of emotional strength and fortitude. A trait which makes nanay(his wife) very very happy.

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