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This is a case that is very close to my heart, for an uncle fell to this cancer years back, to my chagrin. For reasons beyond me, forces barred me from being able to fully help him, for I am not the “deciding authority” then in his care. But back then, and today, I remain standing on my word, that this cancer is curable. And this case proves it.

This is Mrs. Rebecca Pineda and yours truly (Dr.Jerry Esguerra).

In the summer of 2019(May), I saw a very amiable lady from where I grew up (Marilao, Bulacan) complaining of severe facial pain. She was almost unable to walk, because of dizziness which left her nauseous. Her dutyful husband accompanied her. Upon reviewing her lab tests results, I immediately started her on GOP(Green Oncology Protocol). She went through Detox Diet, then afterwards, strictly ate Anti-Cancer Diet together with radiation therapy to her tumor in the cerebellum, to name a few of her therapies. She finished the entire program without any trouble in July 2019. She was followed up every 60 days for a year. But due to COVID Pandemic in March of this year(2020), she was almost lost to follow up. But luckily, she reconsulted in October of this year.

And a new CT study revealed a cleared findings from the previous meningioma, to her and her husband’s utmost delight. And she realized what I told her the first time I met her in May of 2019: that her cancer is curable. How I wish I am able to prove this to my beloved uncle, who happened to have guven me my first government job as a doctor way back in 1998. Tito…this post is lovingly dedicated to you. You are in a better place now. I would see you, in His appointed time.

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