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CASE 27: Prostate Cancer, Stage 4, HEALED!

Yes you read it right. One of the few instances where stage 4 cancer is “reversed”! This report would have more catching had the patient agreed to reveal his identity. But to protect his person, he agreed that his story be published in my page, minus personal details. We obliged.

This patient saw me in March of 2019, quiet apprehensive about his newly diagnosed PROSTATE CANCER, Stage 4 (with bone metastases). His case apparently started 2 years back, when a routine company APE (Annual Physical Exam) revealed enlarged prostate. He saw a Urologist, who treated this with standard protocol.

It went well, then 2 years after, symptoms of difficulty of passing urine was experienced. Work up with the Urologist necessitated a prostate biopsy, which, much to his chagrin, turned out to be cancer. Subsequent metastatic work ups revealed it has already spread to pelvic bones, thus, he was Stage 4. This broke his heart. The doctor told him he needed surgery. He refused, and found me. Immediately, I had him go through the GREEN ONCOLOGY PROGRAM, an Integrative Medicine-based cancer care, and he obliged. He finished the program in 2 months (July 2019). And was followed up regularly every 2 months for a year.

In Novemver of 2020, after more than a year of monitoring, though his CT revealed a still quiet enlarged prostate (asymptomatic), PSA (tumor marker used in monitoring response to therapies in prostate cancer) revealed NORMAL result and, here’s what is best, his new BONE SCAN revealed NO MORE METASTATIC DISEASE on his pelvic bone area! Cases such as this keeps me motivated to go on with my advocacy for Integrative Medicine-based therapies for cancer. He was a good patient all through out. Never waivered in his BELIEF with our program.

He got what he wanted. A miracle healing for a good man and seafarer like him. His, was Stage 4 cancer, but with the grace of the Almighty, he survived, beat his cancer and is now doing what he love most, being a seafarer!


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