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Case 28: Healing that is truly Holistic.

Once in a while, I see patients who see themselves as unfairly treated by life. And much as I like to dissuade them from feeling so, I can only sympathize, for truly, who would be happy when you get cancer when you just started family life literally and figuratively.

Riza was one of them. She came into my clinic in February of the pandemic year of 2020. We treated her upfront with GOP(Green Oncology Program), and she fully complied. All these is good and dandy, but what is best is what this post is all about. Read her message in full and be inspiredly informed. Riza is certainly on her way to full healing come September this year.

The inner works worked, and is working towards her desired ending in the coming few months. She desires to be an inspiration to other patients as well, and be witness to the enormous healing power of the Holy Spirit in beating cancer.

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