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Case 29: Endometrial Cancer, Healed


Mrs.Raca with Dr. Jerry Esguerra

In the month before christmas of 2018, a “lady pastor” of her own Christian ministry came forward as a diagnosed case of Endometrial Cancer(uterine with endocervical extension),wanting Integrative Medicine-based treatment program for her case. She has already undergone TAHBSO(removal of the uterus and ovaries) a month earlier, and was suggested to have chemo-radiotherapies by her Gyne-Oncologist but she vehemently refused.

I explained to her her other options, taking into cosideration her entire case history. Needless to say, she underwent my GOP(green oncology protocol). But something happened along the way. In the middle of her radiation therapy, she chose to stop, albeit concerns from me and my colleague doing the radiotherapy part of the program. She asserted her stand that because of unacceptable side effects of radiotherapy, she would rather RELY ON HER FAITH IN CHRIST, than suffer radiation sickness. This assertion about radiation sickness is however arbitrary. It could very well be thay because she abhors chemo and radiation from the very beginning, that it made radiotherapy unbearable.i was worried at first by this decision, but as I am a strong believer of the POWER OF FAITH, I relented.

She finished all other aspects of the GOP though. As is standard in our program, we followed her up every 45 days for a year to determine response to treatment. Said monitoring was hampered by a year of lockdowns though. Until finally, this year, this month, “mommy Victoria” came back forward for checkup. True enough, after more than a year from completion of GOP, her CT proved her right. The pelvic lesions disappeared as she is doing well, continuing her Christian ministry. This story attests to the power of one’s faith. I am not endorsing you follow her steps, for her convictions, I am certain, is born out of her level of spiritual maturity. Her level of spiritual consciousness. Her decision not to finish the RT part of GOP was a stunt not all can ever take. She did declared her healing into existence. And for this, nobody can fault her.

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