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Doctor Lunas is created by Dr. Jerry P. Esguerra, a Board-certified Radiation Oncologist from the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center (2002) who is into the practice of Integrative Medicine since coming from an Observership stint at the Oncology Department of the prestigious Johns Hopkins International Medical Center in Singapore (2005). He has created a Preventive, Therapeutic and Rehabilitative program of addressing Chronic Lifestyle Diseases since coming back in the country in 2006 called The DREAM Program. And ever since its adoption into his practice, he has observed and realised dramatic improvements in clinical outcome and intended results, to the delight of his hundreds of patients. It is in this light that he decided to share the DREAM Program to the general public through the use of the greatest tool known to man in disseminating information, the internet, thus, this website is born.
It is Dr. Esguerra’s (a.k.a Dr. Lunas) wish that you frequent his site so that he would be able to share with you the wealth of Health and Wellness information he has gathered through the 20 years of practicing General, Oncology and Integrative Medicine, guide you in your “decision-making” as you go through therapies prescribed to you by your attending physicians, and be your “buddy” in your journey towards regaining your health, reversing your diseases, and regaining your life.
He presently heads the LIFESTYLE MEDIZONE clinic at the BSA Tower, at the heart of Mandaluyong City, an Integrative Medicine-operated clinic, and is an active visiting consultant in Radiation Oncology at the PHILIPPINE ONCOLOGY CENTER Corp at Fairview, Quezon City.

A Biochemist who completed his medical degree in 1987.
                Secured his license to practice medicine in February 1997, after passing the licensure board exam given by the Philippine Board of Medicine under the auspices of the Professional Regulations Commission.
                Practiced General and Family medicine at the Manila Health Department from 1998 to mid-1999 prior to residency training.
                Completed Residency Training in Radiation Oncology from the premiere DOH-Flagship Training Hospital for specialists, The Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center in 2002, after seeing close to a thousand patients in three years.
                Passed the written and oral specialty licensure examination in Radiation Oncology from the Board of Philippine Radiation Oncology Society, under the auspices of Philippine College of Radiology in December 2002.
                Started practice as a specialist in Radiation Oncology at the De la Salle University Medical Center’s Jose Sotto Tantiansu Cancer Institute in January 2003 to August 2005.
                Completed Medical Officership program at the Johns Hopkins International Medical Center in Singapore in 2005-2006 where he got abreast of the beauty behind the science and art of Integrative Medicine-based healing works in cancer and other chronic lifestyle diseases(CLD).
                Headed the Cancer Department of the most prestigious wellness center in the Philippines back in 2009 to 2012 where hundreds of cancer patients were introduced to the wonders of integrative Medicine-based cancer care—The Amezcua Wellness Center.
                Presently, he heads the Cancer Division of the Lifestyle Medizone Center, The Integrative Medicine division of Clinica Manila at SM Megamall and BSA Tower.


  To share with fellow Filipinos the truth that CANCER, DIABETES and CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES are curable and reversible with the use of holistic, natural and Integrative Medicine-based treatment program, called the DREAM.
To serve as an online source of information about the principles and practice of Integrative Medicine and the Holistic Healing Arts as applied to chronic lifestyle diseases (CLD) a.k.a. Degenerative Diseases
To showcase the synergistic power of combining Eastern Medicine with Western Medicine in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of CLD clients and patients.
To introduce and establish the use of nutraceuticals (a.k.a. supplements) in holistic clinical practices.
To serve as an online portal for those who are into Health and Wellness advocacy with emphasis on Nutritional Therapy.
To serve as a “quack medicine watch dog” for the Filipino.
To disseminate information on the latest advances in Biotechnology as applied to Nutritional Therapy. is the premiere advocacy website for health and wellness pursuits through Holistic-Integrative Medicine-based programs in the Philippines.

Patient-client empowerment through information dissemination, education and training (the essence of “helping patients help themselves”).
Collaboration with the patient-client’s “attending doctors” for continuity of care and to foster mutually beneficial relationship between parties through open communication.
Collaboration with other Health and Wellness Centers in the country and abroad.