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     Activated Hexose Correlated Compound. A mixture of polysaccharides, amino acids, lipids and minerals derived from cultured mushroom species Basidiomycetes. It is a biotechnologically enhanced naturally-occuring substance that is found to enhance and boost one’s immune system. It is primarily made up of low molecular weight Alpha glucans that are more easily absorbed in the gut than the Beta glucans.
20      It is produced in Japan in the 80s and used as an adjunctive therapy for cancer and HIV-AIDS, and is now being used in several cancer centers in the US. In essence, AHCC is a medicinal mushroom enhanced in function and clinical application using state-of-the-art processes in Bio-technology as applied in Nutritional Medicine science.
21      If used within the context and framework of my GOP, AHCC is proven in the laboratories and clinical trials with actual cancer patients to increase activity of Natural Killer cells, the first line of defense against cancer cells in our immune system! Thus, it can be classified as a bonafide Biologic Response Modifier (BRM), much like the MABs of Western Medicine, minus MABs harmful side effects.