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      An extract from the algae Chlorella Sorokiniana which contains the “substance” that corrects blood sugar levels in both normal people and diabetic patients by activating a specific nuclear receptor protein in each and every cell of the body. This extract is cultivated and developed into a “nutraceutical superfood” by a Taiwanese scientist Dr. Wang, who conducted several animal and human trials to document touted benefits, and was granted nutraceutical status by the Taiwan Board of Health and Nutrition in 2010.


 Nuclear Receptor proteins, also known as PPAR or Peroxixome Proliferator Activated Receptors are protein substances in the nuclear membrane of every cell, which when “activated” by a particular substance(s), enhances fat/cholesterol and sugar metabolism. This improved efficiency in metabolic function has an added clinical effect of “turning off” cancer gene signalling amongst neighboring cancer cells and normal cells, thereby stopping cancer on its tracks.
  15   The particular substance in this algae serves as PPAR activator, thereby producing the mentioned clinical effects. Scientifically, they are called “ligands.” Now these particular substance has been “synthesised” in the laboratories of multinational drug companies marketing drugs against hyperlipidemia/cholesterolemia, obesity and diabetes. These drugs are collectively called the “glitazones” and the “glitazars”.
     It is common knowledge among those in the medical and pharmaceutical industry that it takes at the very least 8-10 years before a product is released in the market. Millions of dollars are spent as synthetic drugs go through 3 trial phases to ascertain bioavailability, safety and efficacy. Not to mention the marketing expense involved in creating awareness about the product. Tapping the power behind activation of these nuclear receptors is great science indeed, as found out by Dr. Wang with the use of Sorokiniana algae as “nuclear receptor activator”. Multinational companies share the same zeal but walked a different road. But after only 3 years into launch of its premiere product Avandia, fatal side effects started coming in. They range from extremity edema, to fatal strokes and heart attacks. This resulted in the immediate product pull out from the market to avert catastrophic outcomes. To think that this product (Avandia) went through long years of testing and scrutiny, how can such complications got overlooked?
     As if the Avandia debacle wasn’t enough, it was followed soon after by another product of the same “target”- the nuclear receptor proteins. Again, as is standard, it went through rigorous testing and scrutiny, launched lavishly with the same funfare seen with Avandia, only to produce toxities so disturbing it lost favor in the market. Those drugs are the “glitazars.”17
     The same sad tales cannot be said of Cryptomonadales. It has been in the market for 14 years now, I have been using it in the last 10 years, and mind you, I have never seen nor experience nor heard of any negative side effects or complications that has risen from its use with obese and diabetic patients. Isn’t this wonderful and truly a feat for a simple nutraceutical from Taiwan?
     Very recently, research into PPAR-Agonists have proven the postulate that Cryptomonadales, through its action on the nuclear receptor proteins PPAR, effects genetic transcription which produces counter-angiogenesis action on vascular cells. This is a very clinically useful anti-cancer benefit, for cancer cells grow and multiply and spreads because of its increasingly robust vascular supply. Simply put, Cryptomonadales stops production of new blood vessels that would otherwise supply more blood to tumors, thereby increasing their size and burden to the patient. Cut the tumor’s blood supply-kill the tumor.
     Then again, let me remind you that the success I am stating here regarding the successful use of Cryptomonadales is under the context of taking it within the DREAM Program. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any experience nor comments to give about it. I have to stress this point because my success in beating CLDs is exclusively via using the DREAM Program, and that is what I want you to experience as well is you happen to be a diabetic, obese or a cancer patient (three diseases where Cryptomonadales works best).