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GcMAF is the frontier in “in-vivo” Nutri-Immunotherapy against cancer.
       GcMAF stands for glycoprotein macrophage activating factor, a protein that stimulates production of macrophages, the so called “pacman” of the Immune System. Macrophages are the first line of defense against cancer!
       It is produced in the liver, and comprises 2-3% of the blood cells.
       Without GcMAF, the Immune System just cannot be. It just cannot function without GcMAF.
       If we are healthy, the body has just about the right amount of GcMAF in the body. But once we get stressed or diseased, then its production by the liver plummets, thereby allowing infections and cancer cells to flourish.
       Identified 25 years ago by the Japanese doctor Dr. Yamamoto, it has been said to be continuously being hidden from the public eye by the Big pharmaceutical Industry. Why? Because it can be the proverbial cancer cure people are looking for.
       The following decreases GcMAF production in the body:  poor nutrition, dehydration, infectious diseases, psycho-emotional stress, smoking, diabetes and cancer itself. The reverse of these factors increases GcMAF.
       Among these 6 factors, nutrition is what scientists are strongly working on because it’s the most controllable variable, yet it’s the most efficient when managed correctly (efficient in producing desired clinical effect- increasing GcMAF).

How Does GcMAF act as an anti-cancer agent?

        It increases the production and activity of macrophages, the immune system’s first line defense against cancer cells and viruses.
        Heavy science works were devoted in understanding everything about GcMAF, with particular interest on how they are produced in the cellular level. Advances in Biotechnology made the information about its cellular processes available, and it was found out that GcMAF is produced from acting on and activating specific Nuclear Receptor Proteins, specifically VDR(vitamin D receptors).
        VDR belongs to a very diverse family of receptor proteins found in the nucleus of every cell in the body. These receptors need a Ligand (activating factor as a molecule) for them to be activated. Once activated, these receptors cause change in the way Transcription Factors in the genes (DNA inside the cell’s nucleus) work, making them produce substances (molecules) that cause the activation and increase in the number of macrophages, specifically Natural Killer cells (NK-cells). This substance(molecule) produced is the GcMAF itself. This effect is called immunomodulation or immunostimulation, thus, making the activation of VDRs truly anti-cancer.
        Search PubMed and Google and you would find thousands of articles on researches and studies done on GcMAF, and its purported clinical benefit to humans, you’d wonder how come you did NOT hear of this. Continuous interest on this protein end-product in-vivo has led European scientists Dr. Marco Rugiero and Dr. Heins Reinwald to discover the specific nutrients that stimulates these VDRs to work. And as a matter of requirement, have ran trials on it, that produced results that are truly astounding, with it “curing” even Stage 4 cancers.
        This particular Ligand (activating factor of VDRs) is RERUM.
        Having researched its outstanding clinical profile in Europe and the US (it’s US-FDA-approved), RERUM is now one of the arsenals I am using with my cancer patients, in the context of the DREAM program which I created in 2007. And I must say, it has enhanced my clinical outcomes to the benefit of my cancer patients.
       If you have love ones, friends or any one dear to you who’s afflicted with cancer, kindly refer them to me and let us help them get the RIGHT CANCER TREATMENT they deserve. Share them my website, give them my number, so I could see them at my clinics, and together, let us beat cancer. Biotechnology applied to Nutritional Therapy has all the more made holistic cancer therapies more effective, true science-based (not just empty claims), and easy.