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    THE 11-Day Detox Diet is Dr. Lunas’ clinically beneficial system of cleansing our bodies of toxins, chemicals, steroids, antibiotics and hormones absorbed from food and drinks through a nutritional approach that guarantees cleansing of our bodies’ two main organs of detoxification- liver and colon.
    It is a scientific fact that anything and everything that we put into our mouths goes to the liver for processing (conjugation) and the colon for absorption. It is through these two processes that portions of substances that comprise our food and drinks gets assimilated in our bodies, with some unwanted substances getting deposited up. It is these deposited stuff that ultimately wreaks havoc in our system, especially weakening our liver (and its function as well) and damaging our gut’s biogenome, thus compromising our immune system.
    When did you ever do a specific thing to promote your liver and colon health? Anything that strengthens them? This 11-Day Detox Diet would do it for you. It is a dietary system of purely ORGANIC FOOD(vegetables, fruits and meat from organically-fed livestock) JUICES and natural SUPPLEMENTS taken within a Nutritional Science-based approach to effect maximum benefit from detoxification, rejuvenating your liver and colon. All that it requires is your full 100% commitment and compliance through the 11-Day program, and you will surely reap its health benefits. Any deviation from its tenets will surely defeat the program’s purpose.
    This program is best taken 2-3 times in a year, ideally after seasons of festivities and holidays where any one is expected to have binged and indulged, putting so much stress on our livers and colon. This program is my requirement to all my cancer, diabetic and cardiovascular patients prior to and during therapy, for maximum clinical benefit.