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    GOP is a “holistic natural immunotherapy program” for cancer.
    After decades of fighting cancer, with not much success, the Western Oncology Medicine world is now training its sights to therapies that enhance the Immune System (Immunotherapy), after all, cancer is touted to be a disease of a weakened immune system. Scientists funded by the government and private pharmaceutical companies are racing to produce the most enhanced “synthetic molecules” or substances from the immune system that would act as Biologic Response Modifiers (BRM). And what they came up with are called Monoclonal Antibodies (MAB). While some are promising to selected tumor types, such is not without deleterious side effects. These are expected, considering that these MABs are “synthetic equivalents” of naturally-occuring immune system molecules and cells. And their prices are prohibitive.
     GOP is aligned with this direction of managing cancer, but it uses only naturally-occuring substances, molecules and nutrients that are “biotechnologically enhanced” in tandem with Eastern Medicine protocols for holistic cancer care such as Detoxification, Nutritional Therapy, Nutraceutical Therapy and the like, thus, it is truly “green” in essence. No synthetic materials are ever used as much as possible. These biotech-enhanced substances underwent extensive human trials from their countries of origin, and have been certified effective, safe and true in their essence as Biologic Response Modifiers (BRM) by their respective Health Boards; immune system enhancers, minus MAB’s harmful side effects.
     Thus GOP is science-heavy, aside from being holistic in approach.
     GOP is NOT an Alternative Medicine per se for cancer. It is Complementary Medicine for cancer.
     GOP strictly and judiciously uses chemotherapy to only 7 types of cancers through a referral system for patient co-management with a partner Medical Oncologist.
     GOP strictly adheres to the dictum that surgery is the primary cancer treatment whenever clinically indicated and doable, with radiation therapy as adjunct if warranted, for patient’s best interest.