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The DREAM Program

    The DREAM is a program of managing CLDs (chronic lifestyle diseases) using Holistic-Integrative Medicine principles. It comprises a series of sequential clinical steps to be followed to produce “cure” (lunas) of a particular CLD.
    The DREAM is a “structured framework”, a “guide” in achieving optimum health in mind, body and spirit, recovering health from illness and maintaining wellness throughout one’s life.
     It employs wisdom from the East with the science of the West, to arrive at a truly holistic way of acquiring total health, thus it is the ultimate “cure” (lunas) to CLDs.
     It is “personalized” as it uses the Ayurvedic system of diagnosing one’s condition, and matching its program up with the patient/client’s health goals. Here, the patient, nurses and Dr. Lunas are partners. It’s a collaboration. Dr. Lunas cannot do it alone for you. You have to help him help you. He will be your personal “health buddy” in your journey towards healing.
     You would be evaluated using laboratory tests (Western Medicine) together with Dosha reading (Eastern Medicine- Ayurvedic) and interpretations, before a corresponding individualized program is designed for you. You will be fully educated and oriented with your program prior to start of actual therapy.
     The program lasts from 6  to 12 weeks, after which, you would be “released” on your own, but still under Dr. Lunas’ care, monitoring and supervision at regular appointed intervals.
     The DREAM Program is Preventive, Therapeutic and Rehabilitative for the following diseases called CLDs(chronic lifestyle diseases) :    CANCER, DIABETES, OBESITY and CARDIOVASCULAR diseases.
     Dr. Lunas guarantees desired results provided you cooperate with him 100% all through out. This is what commitment gets you.