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MON-G C (Buffered Vitamin C)

     If there is one micronutrient in the multivitamin family that we cannot do without, that is Vitamin C. Why? Because it’s involved in almost all metabolic processes in the body, and once it’s NOT present, we simply cannot survive for long.
    This is one nutrient that if NOT supplied in our diet for 2-3 weeks maximum, we’ll end up with “scurvy”, a fatal disease of vitamin C deficiency. This is so because, unfortunately, we humans are among the 4 species that do NOT synthesise the vitamin in our bodies. The other 3 are primates, bats and guinea pigs. For this reason, you wouldn’t find a dog that is vitamin C deficient, nor a cat, a cow, pig, and what have you. All other animals other than the said 4 species produce their own vitamin C in their livers. We don’t. Thus the need for regular and continuous supplementation. From the food that we eat, our livers synthesise the vitamin to its form, to be used on almost all metabolic reactions of the body. But the thing is, our food today is less than ideal compared to what we take in the past. And to get the correct dose of the vitamin for it to influence bodily processes positively, great volumes of food rich with it would have to be eaten regularly, thus, its impossibility. It is in this light that exogenous (outside) supplementation becomes necessary.
     The National Geographics has studied the crude diet of prehistoric humans, cavemen who lived during the pre-civilization era, the mountain people themselves, and have found that on a daily basis, their diet, consisting of root crops, fruits, vegetables and wild game provide them with an average of 12,000 milligrams of vitamin C. As a result, they developed stronger and sturdier bodies with no tumors nor metabolic problems despite exposure to harmful elements of nature. I hope you are now perplexed why the WHO and FDA recommends just a measly 60 milligrams as RDA (recommended daily allowance) for this vitamin. No wonder, the present generation is simply “weaker” than prehistoric humans.
     It is in this light that I believe we humans need a higher daily dose of the vitamin than what the FDA recommends if we are to preserve wellness consistently or recover health faster. The vitamin’s crude form is Ascorbic Acid. It is synthesised from plant sources mainly the macronutrient carbohydrates. But ascorbic acid is NOT gut friendly, meaning, if taken in single doses higher than 500 mg. it produces gastric upset and irritation, experienced as “pains” by some. 19Now to answer the need for a higher daily dose to approximate what the prehistoric men are having from their diets minus gastric upset, ascorbic acid is “buffered” (coated) with a salt substance, that would copy the tonicity of the blood, enabling the needed “dose escalation” possible, while maximizing absorption. Thus, sodium ascorbate is created.
     MON-G C is the newest and most advanced buffered vitamin C in the market today, in that its every piece, at 500 mg preparation, is served in a 4th generation capsule. Meaning its capsule is made from organic fruits and vegetable sources from New Zealand and is HALAL-certified. With this product, I am able to escalate the doses to optimum levels, enough to produce the needed protective and curative effects especially for people afflicted with CLDs.
    Simply stated, a higher daily dose of vitamin C is a MUST if we are to protect and preserve our health, and to assist our bodies in curing itself from CLDs and other diseases. No authorities can ever dispute this fact.