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    The Philippine Oncology Center Corp is a privately owned and operated comprehensive cancer center in Fairview Quezon City that offers the latest and most advanced in Western Medicine cancer therapies such as Chemotherapeutics, Radiation Therapy and Day Surgery.
    In its Radiation Oncology Department, it serves its state-of-the-art in Radiation Therapy technology with its advanced Linear Accelerator machines, capable of delivering technologically-sophisticated approaches such as 3D-CRT, IMRT, Brachytherapy, as well as the traditional 2D conventional RT in eradicating tumors “locally”.
01    Radiation Therapy (a Western Medicine modality for cancer) is utilized together with Eastern Medicine therapies in the context of the GREEN ONCOLOGY Program for a truly “holistic cancer care”.
    Chemotherapeutics, as well as surgery are used appropriately, again in the context of the GREEN ONCOLOGY Program.