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      At the outset, let me emphasise that all these products I am citing and describing in detail on this site are the very same products I used to bring cure (lunas) to my patients as they underwent the DREAM Program which I created in 2007. Thus, they are of “proven” quality, efficacy and safety. All these products are purely organic, available locally and worldwide.
     They are the following:

01 18

CRYPTOMONADALES-PPAR                           MON G-C


11 13

LENTIN 1000                                                       ANTI-CANCER PPAR


20      22

AHCC                                                                                  GcMAF

        I know you are wondering what’s the best way to use all these nutrients and supplements so that they will harmoniously produce health and wellbeing to anyone taking them. You are correct by thinking that just taking all these everyday will NOT do the trick.  Let me tell you there indeed has to be a way, a system of taking these for them to effect meaningful healing, not to mention “protection” from illness. That system is no other than the DREAM Program.
        I boldly proclaim that it is only through the context of the DREAM Program that cure (lunas) from CLDs could and would be achieved. I say this with all confidence because I have enough clinical experience to back my claim up. And soon, as I complete securing “consents” from my hundreds of “cured patients”, and taking “short testimonial videos” from their experiences of how I handled them, I will post all these up in this site, for your perusal.