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"Standard of care" as defined by an authoritative body/ school of thought/ line of discipline is hardly ever breeched deliberately, all in the name of Science. Question is "whose standard?" And if one decides to deviate from it, would that be an "absolute" mistake? Herewith is a case that demonstrate the power of choice, born out of clarity of the mind.
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Then only 41 years old lad from the barrios of Sta. Rosa City came to see me in mid-July of the year 2017 as an already diagnosed case of NPCA(nasopharyngeal carcinoma) Stage 2. He is a fish vendor by occupation. Apparently, he worked several odd jobs in the past, one […]
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A very amiable lady of great repute came to see me in June of 2018. She is diagnosed as a case of LIVER CANCER(hepatocelluler carcinoma). She was scheduled at a Military Hospital in Manila for surgery, but her son(a high-ranking military officer)and her other children refused..for fear of possible fatal […]
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In the summer of 2015, I was consulted on a case of a then 17-year old young boy suffering from what was obviously a 4 cm. solitary tumor right around the pituitary area of the brain.   It was ASTROCYTOMA, one of the most fatal and agressive types of brain […]
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